2018: We are ending the use of individual bottled water to ‘Keep Krabi Clean!


As part of our 2018 drive to reduce waste we are ending our use of individual bottled water. Instead, we will be offering unlimited ‘Free Refills’ at our water cooler. The quality of the water will remain the same, but the reduction in waste (even though we do recycle all our water bottles) will be significant. Customers will need to #bring their own refillable water bottles, and top up from our shop before & after their climbing trip to ensure proper hydration. If a customer doesn’t bring their own bottle, then we also have some available for sale at our store.

Help us in our efforts to keep Krabi’s beaches clean as we plan to reduce our consumption by 18,000 plastic bottles this year!

เนื่องจากปี 2018 เป็นปีของการลดขยะมลพิษของเรา เราจึงจะยกเลิกการแจกขวดน้ำให้กับลูกค้าแต่ละท่าน แต่เราได้เตรียมเครื่องเติมน้ำเย็นที่ลูกค้าสามารถเติมน้ำได้ฟรีกี่ครั้งก็ได้คุณภาพของน้ำจะยังคงเดิมแต่จะเป็นการลดขยะ(แม้ว่าเราจะรีไซเคิลขยะของเราก็ตาม) นั่นต่างหากคือสิ่งที่สำคัญ ลูกค้าทุกท่านต้องนำขวดมาเติมน้ำเองที่ร้านของเราทั้งก่อนและหลังการปีนเขาเพื่อให้แน่ใจว่าลูกค้าได้รับน้ำเพียงพอ ถ้าลูกค้าไม่นำขวดมาเติมน้ำเองทางร้านเราก็มีน้ำขายเช่นกัน ช่วยเราในการรักษาชายหาดของกระบี่ให้สะอาดตามที่เราวางแผนที่จะลดการใช้ขวดน้ำจำนวน 18000 ขวดในปีนี้


Wilderness First Aid Course May 20-21

wilderness first aid

Congrats to the team for completing the Wilderness First Aid Course!

This month Real Rocks Climbing School and Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures co-hosted a Wilderness First Aid Course from the Wilderness Medical Associates International.

WFA has never been offered before in Krabi, so we are quite proud that our team did so well. “The information was all very new, lots of new vocabulary and protocol to learn in terms of rescue and outdoor medicine” said Thunya Suwanchatree.


first aid krabi“We have never had first aid training specific to outdoors or specific for our work as climbing guides. This was very different from the courses we took before from the Red Cross or International Hospital, where they assume you can get the patient to a hospital quickly. We hope we never have to use the training we received, but we feel more confident now that we have it. We are very interested in taking the next level, WAFA next year” said Abdultaleb Janjit.

“It was a lot fun, the instructors were very professional and we enjoyed taking the course with our friends from other outdoor companies as well” said Anon Pingsombut.

Overall, it was a grueling 2 days, but the instructors (Simon and Add) made it fun, rewarding and challenging. We look forward to hosting another course next year! Thanks to Si and Add from WildMed, to the crew at Thai’d Up Adventures for joining us and for CMRCA for helping with the logistics to host this course here in Krabi.


If you’re interested in joining us next year, please message us today and check out our photos from our Facebook page!


Climbing Gear and Outdoor Apparel Store at Real Rocks!

All your climbing gear needs met in Krabi, Thailand! We are now official retailers for brand names such as: Black Diamond, Madrock, Sterling, Klean Kanteen & more!  Our shop is open Monday-Sunday from 8am-7 pm and we offer our visitors free climbing on our bouldering wall.

Stop by for a climb, a chat or a complimentary cup of coffee, it’s on us!

rock climbing krabi ao nang shop

Available daily, 8am-7pm.

climbing gear

Mad rock

climbing wall

Bouldering wall free for visitors.

climbing gear store krabi

Apparel and outdoor store.









Click on the images in the gallery below to see more!



For more information and price quotes about the brands and apparel we carry, feel free to fill out the contact form or send us a message at your convenience. Ask us your questions, we are here to help!













2017: new shop; new gear, new certifications and more!

Real Rocks opens a new location in Krabi!

2017 has seen a lot of growth for the Real Rocks team and we are happy to announce our successful relocation to the mainland Krabi!

For years now we have struggled to expand and improve our shop facilities since there is very limited space available in Railay today. In our new shop location, in Ao Nammao, we are just 2 minutes from the longtail boat pier to Railay, 10 minutes from Ao Nang and 20 minutes from Krabi Town. Our customers in Railay are still able to book tours through Real Rocks, as usual.


AMGA Certified Single Pitch Instructor, SEACF/SMF Sport Climbing Instructor Certification (SCAT 1), licensed to teach and issue certifications for Levels 1-3 Sport Climbing and Abseiling Level 1-2. Teaching since 2002.

Our new central location offers better customer service with complimentary refreshments, fruits, cold drinks, clean toilets and shower facility. We even built an indoor bouldering wall!

In other news, we have improved our level of training and certifications for our guides. We currently have 3 full time American Mountain Guides Association Certified Single Pitch Instructors and 4 full time Southeast Asian Climbing Federation Sport Climbing Instructors.

We recently pursued the AMGA training with our partners in Chiang Mai and are proud to report that all guides attending passed their assessments with flying colors! The AMGA training was a huge opportunity for our team to travel, further grow as climbers, develop their teaching skills and gain confidence in their guiding with the prestige of this internationally recognized program.

We hope all of our friends and family around the world had a very Merry Holiday Season and a Happy-Filled New Year!





Real Rocks

Certified Courses in Sport Rock Climbing!

certified courses posterAre you interested in learning to climb like a pro? Feel ready to learn how to climb on your own, or with a group of your friends? Maybe you’re interested in becoming a Rock Climbing Instructor one day and want to get firsthand experience of what that could be like? Our Sport Climbing Certified Courses are made for you!


Real Rocks is currently the only company in Railay, Krabi & South Thailand to offer fully licensed training experience. Our instructors are authorized to issue SEACF/SCAT certifications for Sport Climbing Levels 1-3. We follow strict safety standards and employ a professional approach at every step to offer our customers the best knowledge and top quality experience, full of extras including student manuals, log book, certification cards and t-shirts. Courses can be adjusted to the climber’s skill level. Each course is a PRIVATE COURSE recommended for beginner or novice climbers.


You will receive personal training from our instructor certified staff, who have more than 25 years of climbing experience between them. The SEACF Climbing Standards have been in effect since the late 1990’s to ensure the techniques and teaching methodology offer the best quality of training with regards to Sport Climbing.  Contents of the SEACF standards are in accordance with the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC). SEACF member countries (Thailand included) are all members of the IFSC and work with the Asian Federation of the IFSC. All of our instructors have been well taught and trained by SEACF Instructor Assessors before being licensed and qualified to conduct programs locally.

THE COURSES.monkey wall multi pitch climbing with real rocks at railay beach

Our Certified Courses are private, offering one-on-one teaching to maximize your learning and technical development at a pace catered exclusively to you.

Each certified course includes: hotel pick up and drop off from Ao Nang/ Krabi Town, lunch/refreshments each day, personal accident insurance, all climbing gear equipment rental, private guide, souvenir t-shirt, personal climbing log book, and a Certified Course Student Training Manual. The last day of the course includes assessment and a certification card if all skills required are successfully demonstrated.

We offer courses for three levels of sport rock climbing certifications:
• Level 1: Basic Rock Climbing Skills, Top rope & Lead belay;
• Level 2: Beginner lead climbing, Knots, Top out technique & Anchor setting
• Level 3: Advanced lead climbing technique, Advanced Knots & Hitches, Anchor Systems, Intro to Multi Pitch Climbing, Abseiling & Basic Cliff Self-Rescue.


Getting certified in sport rock climbing will take your holiday adventure to the next level! These courses may open up a whole new world of possibilities for your social life, interests or physical capabilities. You’ll master a new set of skills and test limits you may not know you have. Our courses are not the typical backpacker-styled day classes where you drop a few dozen Baht to learn some techniques, we take pride in our work, our reputation and our passion for teaching others how to climb safely.


For more information check out our certified courses page here: http://www.realrocksclimbing.com/sport-climbing-certified-courses-railay-beach-krabi/



SEACF licensed guides to instruct courses in Krabi

Great news, all instructors passed assessment and are now licensed to offer certification for Levels 1-3 Sport Climbing and Abseiling Level 1-2 to our clients! Each certification will be issued under the SEACF (Southeast Asian Climbing Federation) and SCAT authority (Sport Climbing Authority of Thailand.)

instructor krabi

Stay tuned for some exciting changes to take place at Real Rocks as we roll out new courses, new training programs and SEACF authorized certifications for future students and program participants!


Climb On!

Stefanie & Tik

Krabi: Destination Guide, How-to and Recommended Tours

shutterstock_146364359You’ve decided to visit Krabi, hurray!  You’ve booked your flights landing into Krabi International Airport, and now you may be trying to figure out where to go, or what to do? Let us help with our very own Destination Guide, How-to and recommended tours!

First, you’ve got to understand Krabi is a VERY large province that covers a lot of ground.

“Krabi Province, which lies along the coast of the Andaman sea in Southern Thailand, is a top tourist destination as a result of its plentiful natural attractions including, white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, extensive coral reefs, numerous caves and waterfalls, and over 130 islands, including Koh Lanta and the jewels of the Andaman coast, the six islands of Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park.” [Tourism Authority of Thailand.]

Once you land at Krabi Airport you are roughly 20 minutes drive into Krabi town, 35 minutes drive into Ao Nammao/ Ao Nang, 45 minutes drive into Nopparathara/ Klong Hang area, and up to an hour or more as you venture farther out into Nong Thale, Klong Muang or Tubkaak.

Disclaimer: all reviews are based on our personal opinions and experiences…again.

Krabi Town: the jumping point to island destinations, more famous for its sea ports and its status as the provincial capital of Krabi. Everything is here: police station, major bank branches, immigration office, schools, jails, government offices, lawyers selling visa services, hostels, restaurants, markets, shopping center and more. Guesthouses and hostels are large, wide and cheap compared to your beach towns however some offer convenience located right in the action of the main town center and others lovely views along the Krabi river front.

Ao Nammao/ Ao Nang: beach towns, accommodation prices vary according to how near or far from the beachfront you wish to stay. Ao Nammao is still relatively undeveloped compared to its neighbor Ao Nang (however this is quickly changing!) so you might find some better deals on accommodation price points. Ao Nammao is largely a Muslim village so there are no bars. There are mosques, a couple convenience mini marts, few restaurants (open late), and a local favorite the Fossil Shell Beach attraction.  Ao Nang is also home to a large mosque and Muslim community, however it is much more Westernized for attracting tourists. Plenty of bars and nighttime entertainment (cabaret show anyone?), restaurants representing every major world cuisine,  tourist agents on every block and plenty of hostels, hotels, resorts and inns to choose from for every budget. Ao Nang is also the starting point for a lot of sea-side activities: island sightseeing/speed boat tours, diving schools, etc.

Klong Hang/ Nopparathara: just 5 minutes from Ao Nang, Nopparathara offers stunning beach-front accommodation at a budget since this area is mostly owned by the National Parks and is still relatively undeveloped. That being said some larger hotels, like the Holiday Inn, are quickly moving in and claiming real estate. Klong Hang tucked right behind Nopparathara offers plenty of variety: villas, personal homes for rent, condos, hostels too. Muslim majority in this village again (similar feel to Ao Nammao.)

Nong Thale/ Klong Muang/ Tubkaak: exclusive and luxurious awaits you! Most of the 4 and 5 star hotels are located out here since many of their guests prefer the quiet, empty beaches. If you’re looking for a fabulous hotel, and don’t mind being a bit far from the action then these are the locations to look into. The hotels all deliver tour services of their own (including shuttles to Ao Nang and back) however the price is pretty.


  1. Rock climbing the stunning beaches and caves at Railay Beach, of course!
  2. Local Island tours (long tail boats, sunset cruises, sailing boats, and speed boats all available)
  3. Diving (get your PADI certification from some of the best!)
  4. Phi Phi/ Koh Hong (island full day trips not to be missed, although we prefer the quiet beauty of Koh Hong)
  5. The Emerald Pools and Natural Hot Springs (both can be done in one day and offer unique jungle experiences)
  6. Zipline Tours (want a recommendation?)
  7. Wat Tham Suea (Tiger Temple) hike up more than 1,000 steps to an amazing viewpoint
  8. Ao Luk/ Bor Thor Mangroves for some tranquil kayaking or stand up paddle boarding
  9. Cooking Schools for D-I-Y authentic Southern Thai cuisine
  10. Massage, treat yourself at every opportunity!


If you would like help in booking some additional activities or adventures during your time here in Krabi, message us today and we would love to help!



Stefanie, Tik and all the crew at Real Rocks.


SEACF Instructor Training & Assessment

instructor trainingReal Rocks is proud to announce that at the end of the month our guides will receive training and assessment from the Southeast Asian Climbing Federation: Sport Climbing Instructor Program, a huge step for the team!  We have been preparing for this since early 2015, working hard to create this program for the purpose of giving our guides the opportunity to achieve internationally recognized world class standards as professional rock climbing guides.

Our tours will temporarily stop running from the 25th- 30th of April 2016 as each member of our team will be receiving the assessments.  Our shop will remain open for customers wishing to rent or purchase gear only. If you have any questions or concerns about booking rock climbing trips during this time, please send us a message today!

We look forward to taking this opportunity to grow, learn, improve and bond as a team during this training. We will post pictures soon, so stay tuned!


Stefanie, Tik and all the crew at Real Rocks!


Real Rocks E-Gift Certificates Now Available for Purchase

gift certificate stockInterested in buying a gift certificate for that special someone? Want to grant loved ones the holiday adventure of a lifetime?! Our Half Day Rock Climbing Course E-Gift Certificate is the perfect ticket to a memorable adventure; suitable for all ages, abilities and experienced climbing levels!


Or copy and paste the link here: https://real-rocks-climbing-school.trekksoft.com/en/giftcertificate


Happy Holidays from the crew at Real Rocks!

Congrats Tim for completing our rock climbing training course at Railay Beach

Timothy Rock Climbing Course at Railay Beach Krabi Thailandjust completed our Five Day Intensive Training Rock Climbing Course at Real Rocks Shop, Railay Beach!

The Five Day Course includes training in: top rope technique and movement, top rope and lead belay, lead climbing, anchor setting, top belay, abseiling, advanced knots, self rescue, multi pitch climbing and lead multi pitch. Not sure what all that means? Shoot us an email if you’re interested in learning to climb like a pro! Tim, congrats on your achievement and good luck as you push on to your next adventure!


Stefanie & Tik